About Us

About Emerald Park Jewelry

Jewelry pieces are lasting memories.

In 2008 our family was on vacation in the Mediterranean.  On the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos Jennifer (my wife) noticed an incredible Ring that she fell in love with.  The Ring was Mother of Pearl Inlayed with 14k yellow gold and diamonds.

Our boys have a picture of Jennifer pleading lovingly for the Ring and making a compelling argument for the matching pendant and earrings.

Although we weren't expecting to add such a significant piece during our vacation, I knew these would be pieces that remind us of our family vacation for years to come.  To this day, Jennifer wears the pieces and gets emotional.  When others see the pieces and comment how nice they are, she is quick to share our experience with them and the wonderful memories continue.

We love jewelry, and we love when people that wear Emerald Park share their stories.  We hope that purchasing Emerald Park for yourself or as a gift creates stories that warm your heart for years to come.

Chris and Jennifer